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Séminaire théorie

Tanay Nag
Floquet generation of higher order topological phases and its quenching dynamics
Lieu : Amphithéâtre, maison des Magistères,
le vendredi 14 février 2020 à 11h00
Personne à contacter : Serge Florens ()

Higher order topological (HOT) states, hosting topologically protected modes on lower-dimensional boundaries, such as hinges and corners, have recently extended the realm of the static topological phases. We here demonstrate the possibility of realizing a two-dimensional \emph{Floquet} second-order topological insulator, featuring corner localized zero quasienergy modes and characterized by quantized Floquet qudrupolar moment $Q^{Flq}_{xy}=0.5$, by periodically kicking a quantum spin Hall insulator (QSHI) with a discrete four-fold (C4) and time-reversal (T) symmetry breaking mass perturbation. We also demonstrate the generation of a series of higher order topological phase in 3D originated due to Floquet driving with appropriate perturbation. In parallel, we analyze the dynamics of a corner mode after a sudden quench, when the C4 and T symmetry breaking perturbation is switched off, and find that the corresponding survival probability displays periodic appearances of complete, partial and no revival for long time, encoding the signature of corner modes in a QSHI. Our protocol is sufficiently general to explore the territory of dynamical HOT phases in insulators (electrical and thermal) and gapless systems.

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