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This page proposes the electronic versions of the PhD theses and of the habilitation reports, as well as a few Master 2 reports, steming from the LPMMC.

PhD theses

  • Coulomb Blockade in nano-electromechanical systems, Nicolas Pauget, thesis defense the 1st of October 2010 (Supervisers : Fabio Pistolesi and Manuel Houzet)

Habilitation reports

  • Théorie vortex de l’effet Hall quantique [in french], Thierry Champel, habilitation defended the 7th of June 2013
  • Quasi-one dimensional strongly interacting quantum gases, Anna Minguzzi, habilitation defended the 25th of January 2011
  • Supraconductivité mésocopique et nano-électromécanique [in french], Fabio Pistolesi, habilitation defended the 20th of December 2005
  • Effets du nuage d’écran Kondo dans les systèmes mésoscopiques [in french], Pascal Simon, habilitation defended the 27th of November 2003

Master 2 reports