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Each year, the french universities offer positions of assistant professors and professors in different domains. This article explains the different steps to follow in order to manage the application in general. All applicants should also read the official procedure published in the "Journal officiel".


The preliminary step before any application to the university positions is to obtain the qualification. Each candidate to the qualification has to fill a "dossier" which will be examined by the university national committee. The documents needed for the qualification have to be sent a the end of December and it is imperative that the PhD thesis be defended before the deadline for the documents sending. Furthermore it is needed to register online previously in October on the application ANTARES.
The qualification is made per section CNU. It is thus recommended to apply to the qualification in the section which is the closest from your research field. It is sufficient to be qualified in one section to be allowed to apply to positions in any sections.
Following the qualification, the candidate receives a qualification number per section where its application has been accepted. These numbers are required later for the applications to the universities positions offers.

Publications of the job offers

The list of the job offers is published usually in February in the Journal officiel. At the same time, the detailed descriptions of the offers and the persons to contact are normally available online through the application ANTEE. The documents required for the application have generally to be sent before the end of March to the different universities.

Documents required for the application

To develop.

Oral presentation

After receiving the application documents, a local (i.e. one per university) experts committee meets and makes a first selection of the candidates that it wishes to listen. The oral presentations happen in April and May. The convocations for the oral presentations are generally sent fifteen days before the audition. The presentation is generally fifteen minutes long during which the candidate presents his teaching experiences and research results, as well as his projects, and is questioned by the committee.

Grading and wishes

After the auditions, the experts committe debates and establishes the grading of the candidates (with 5 persons maximum). The chosen candidates have then to express their assignment wishes on ANTARES. The positions are attributed depending on the wishes and the grading of each candidate at the national level. The position is effective the first of September.

Fall session

The positions not attributed in spring are re-offered in fall. The procedure is the same : the offers are published in September and the documents have to sent in October. The auditions take place in the month of november and the results are rapidly published. The position is effective at the beginning of January. There is no session for the qualification in fall.