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Research activity

♦ Mesoscopic Physics
[mesoscopic superconductivity, quantum transport in nanoscale systems, interactions in mesoscopic systems, quantum dissipative dynamics, NanoElectroMechanical systems, superconductor/insulator transition]

Anharmonic effects in solids
[phonons, premelting, Helium quantum solids, superfluid transition at grains-boundary, overheating]

Electronic interactions and electron-phonon interaction
[Wigner Crystals, polarons, Coulomb interaction in 1D electronic lattice, excitons, transport in organic semiconductors]

PhD thesis : “Wigner crystallization in anisotropic and polarizable systems”

My full list of publications is available here.

You can find my Curriculum Vitae (english version) here.

You can find my Curriculum Vitae (french version) here.

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