Photo gallery


Florence, 1990, with thesis supervisors Ad Lagendijk and Adriaan Tip

Amsterdam, september 1992, thesis defence,with Henk van de Hulst and Ad Lagendijk. "Nice thesis Bart, but the sine on page 11 had to be a cosine though" .

Lake District (UK), 1993, with Ping Sheng and his student.

Amsterdam, Shell laboratories, 1994, with my wife and Hans Chang, director of FOM. Andries Miedema Prize 1994 for best thesis in condensed matter.


NATO School in Les Houches 1998, organized by GDR POAN.


Traditional annnual Cheese Fondu of the
LPMMC, here in december 1998


Crete, 2000. NATO School organized by Costas Soukoulis.

September 11, 2001 ! Coherent Backscattering of Seismic Waves in the Chartreuse ? With the team from the LGIT.

December 2002, Colorado USA. Maintain biking with John Scales. Well,..he waited for me at the top.


Comité National du CNRS, matière condensée, section 05 2004-2008

Cargèse 2002, NATO Summer School on Wave Propagation in Complex Media, organized by Bart van Tiggelen and Sergey Skipetrov

Cuernavaca, Mexico, September 2005. Gathering on Quantum and Acoustic Waves, organized by Hans-Jürgen Stockmann, and Richard Weaver.


Warschaw, May 2007. Meeting on on Quantum Chaos and Localisation Phenomena, organized by Leslek Sirko

Cargèse, 2006. CNRS Summer School on Imaging, Communication and Disorder, organized by Bart van Tiggelen and Sergey Skipetrov

Erice (Sicily), Summer School on Nanophotonics, organized by PHOREMOST


Scientific Advisory Committee of the European Physical Journal, Prague 2008, with representatives of European learned societies, EDP Sciences and Springer

ETOPIM 8, June 2009 in Rethymon, Crete

Inauguration of the extension of the Institut des Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse by the prefet of Corsica, december 18, 2009, here with (from left to right) the major of Cargèse, myself, CNRS-representative Patricio Leboeuf, former (Elisabeth du-Bois-Violette) and present (Giovanna Chimini) director, and the architecte.


Singapore, February 2012. The Merlion project between CQT and LPMMC has been kicked off.