Bart’s Publications 1998

Publications 1998

Radiative Transfer and Diffusion of Waves in a Layered Medium: A New Insight into Coda Q
Ludovic Margerin, Michel Campillo, Bart A. van Tiggelen
Geophysical Journal International 134, 596--612 (1998)

Optics of a Faraday-active Mie Sphere
David Lacoste, Bart A. van Tiggelen, Geert L. J. A. Rikken, A. Sparenberg
Journal of the Optical Society of America A - Optics Image Science and Vision A15, 1636--1642 (1998)

Bart A. van Tiggelen
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 321, 197--212 (1998)

Geert L. J. A. Rikken, A. Sparenberg, Bart A. van Tiggelen
Physica B 246-247, 188--194 (1998)

Geert L. J. A. Rikken, Bart A. van Tiggelen
Physical Review Letters 80, 1115--1115 (1998)