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50 Years of Anderson Localization

A symposium is organized to celebrate the 50 years of Anderson localization. It will take in Paris, at the Institut Henri Poincaré, the 4th and 5th of december, 2008.

The concept of Anderson Localization, introduced by Anderson in his pioneering paper 50 years ago sparked the study of complex systems and spawned a wide variety of interdisciplinary research. The study of Anderson localization originally focussed on disordered electronic systems, but has been expanded on studies of classical waves, including light, microwaves, ultrasonics, acoustics, and most recently on the localization and collective modes of matter waves.

In this symposium leading scientists will review advances and breakthroughs in theoretical, numerical, experimental and mathematical science, and report on the latest developments in their fields.

The symposium is of interest to both established and junior scientists who want to get acquainted with this fascinating field and who hopefully will contribute to the field in the future.

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