Selection of Presentations of Fabio PISTOLESI

Superharmonic Josephson relation at 0/pi junction transition

The charge shuttle as a nanomechanical ratchet

Full counting statistics of charge shuttle

Lectures for the 5th Scenet School in Salamanca (Spain) 30th August - 10th September 2004

Phenomenological aspects of Superconductivity

 PDF files : First Part (3Mb)Second Part (3Mb), Appendix (1Mb)

Energy dependence of current noise in S/N diffusive junctions
HighRes PDF file 5.3 MbLowRes PDF file 1Mb

Current-current correlations in S/N hybrid multiterminal structures
PDF file 1. Mb

Andreev reflection with pseudo-gap

(talk given at villa Gualino, 20th June 2002)

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