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Aspects of Quantum Dynamic

École thématique (topical school)

The goal of the school is to provide participants with an introduction to Quantum Dynamics by means of an overview of physically relevent questions and mathematical methods allowing for their analysis. The lectures will be at the graduate level and will be rooted in the present research activity. They will be given by mathematicians and theoretical physicists in order to bring complementory points of views on the various topics to be covered.

Organizers :

- Alain JOYE (Institut Fourier)


The following topics will be discussed :

- Open Quantum systems : Return to equilibrium, non-equilibrium stationary states, Markovian approach and weak limit, Quantum noises, decoherence and Quantum optics.

- Adiabatic Quantum dynamics : Mesoscopic charge pumping, Landau-Zener mechanism, adiabatic approximation and Berry phases in dissipative systems

Speakers :

S. Attal (ICJ Lyon) - An introduction to the theory of quantum noises

P. Degiovanni (ENS Lyon) - Quantum stochastic trajectories for open quantum systems

L. Faoro (LPTHE Jussieu) - Decoherence in superconducting qubits

F. Faure (IF Grenoble) - Topological numbers in quantum mechanics

A. Joye (IF Grenoble) - Adiabatic Approximation

L. Lévy (IN Grenoble) - Topological quantization by controlled paths : application to Cooper pairs pumps

C.-A. Pillet (CPT Marseille) - A pedestrian introduction to quantum open systems

A. Minguzzi (LPMMC Grenoble) - Quantum dynamics of interacting systems : quantum gases in low dimensions

S. Seidelin (IN, Grenoble) - Quantum computing with atomic systems

D. Spehner (IF Grenoble) - Quantum Measurements and Decoherence

R. Whitney (ILL Grenoble) - Dissipation and geometic phases in few-level quantum systems

All lectures will be given in English in order to reach European PhD students and postdocs and Mathematics and Physics. They will take place alternatively at the Maison des Magistères on the Polygone Scientifique and on the Campus (place to be determined).

Practical informations

There is no registration fee and lunches are provided. However, the number of participants is limited and registration is compulsory. Please fill in the registration form and send it back duly completed to Géraldine Rahal. Deadline for registration is October 19th, 2008.

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