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Decoherence and quantum information

This meeting aims to reinforce the connctions between researchers, (assitant) professors and students working in the area of Grenoble on quantum information, quantum detection and dechorence. It has been organized for both experimentalists and theoreticians or mathematicians.
The links between condensed matter and quantum optics will be particularly emphasized, around the subject of optical cavities.

Location : Amphimag - Maison des Magistères,
 25 Avenue des Martyrs (Polygone scientifique).
Date  : le 15 juin 2009 de 9H à 18H30.

Speakers  :

  • Alexia Auffèves (Institut Néel Grenoble)
  • Patrice Bertet (CEA Saclay)
  • Pascal Degiovanni (ENS Lyon)
  • Wiebke Guichard (Institut Néel Grenoble)
  • Alain Joye (Institut Fourier Grenoble)
  • Ion Nechita (Institut Camille Jordan Lyon)
  • Miguel Orszag (Pontificia Universidad Catolica Santiago, Chili).

Program (PDF, in french)

Please register before the 10th of June by sending an e-mail to .
The CTPG organizes a buffet for lunch for all participants, please specify if you want to participate in it. There is no fees for the meeting (including lunch).

Organisation and contacts :
Dominique Spehner (LPMMC and Institut Fourier)
Frank Hekking, LPMMC

Degiovanni-grenoble-2009 - 5 Mo

Charles Grenier : Quantum optics for electrons propagating along a chiral edge channel

JournquanGUICHARD - 3.7 Mo

Wiebke Guichard : Quantum dynamics in Josephson junction circuits

Joye-grenoble - 244.5 ko

Alain Joye : Leaky Repeated Interaction Quantum Systems

Orszag-grenoble - 6.2 Mo

Miguel Orszag : Decoherence Versus Disentanglement for two qubits in a squeezed bath