Workshop on low-dimensional exciton polaritons


Centre de Théorie en Physique de Grenoble (CTPG)

Workshop on low-dimensional

exciton polaritons

 Grenoble, June 15 2011
 Amphithéâtre de la Maison Jean Perrin
sponsored by ERC


The aim of the workshop is to study the theoretical aspects of low-dimensional quantum fluids made of exciton polaritons, exploring the interplay of non-equilibrium aspects and effects of confinement in the polariton fluids. Special attention will be given to the influence of disorder which is unavoidable in the current experimental realizations.

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Preliminary program :


9:30 Get together and coffee (Inst. Neel cafeteria, Bat K)

10:00 Cristiano Ciuti (Paris) "Quantum fluid properties of light in nonlinear polaritonic systems"

10:45 Vincenzo Savona (Lausanne) "The Bose-glass phase transition in the 1-D mean-field limit"


11:45 Lunch at the H2 cantine


14:30 Michiel Wouters (Leuven) "TBA"

15:15 Maxime Richard (Grenoble) "Physics of 1D exciton polaritons in ZnO microwires"

16:00 coffee break (Inst. Neel cafeteria, Bat K)

16:30 Round table and informal discussions