Ph.D. opportunities at the LPMMC

Ph.D. students are most welcome in our laboratory. Many students have done their theses at LPMMC in the past, and we hope to continue this good tradition in the future. Members of the laboratory work on a diverse variety of research topics, using both analytical and numerical methods.

There are several opportunities to obtain a scholarship for Ph.D. studies in Grenoble. They are competitive and require preparation of a research project, which should be done together with the potential Ph.D. supervisor. Ph.D. candidates are thus strongly encouraged to contact one or several members of the laboratory, and to discuss the research project well in advance.

Several grants from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research are distributed once a year by the Doctoral School of Physics in Grenoble. The Ministry grants cover all fields of physics, and there is no restriction on the subject of the Ph.D. research project. The main selection criteria are the quality of the candidate and of the project. After a preliminary selection based on the application documents, several candidates are short-listed. They subsequently come to Grenoble in person to present their research projects at the interview. The deadline for submission of applications is usually the end of May, and the interviews are usually held in the end of June.

Grants from the LANEF Foundation are distributed twice a year, with submission deadlines in March and in September. The subject of the research project should be within the scope of LANEF. After a preliminary application-based selection, the final selection of candidates is made at the interview.

Finally, some Ph.D. scholarships can be available from French and European projects in which some of the researchers participate.