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Publications 2019

Comparison of cuprates and nuclear matter pairing properties. Quartet (alpha-particle) condensation in nuclear systems
Peter Schuck
Contribution to EuNPC2018-conference (2019)

Optical Current, Momentum and Angular Momentum in Anisotropic Materials exposed to Detailed Balance
Bart A. van Tiggelen
European Physical Journal D (2019)

Limites de champ moyen bosoniques à température positive
Nicolas Rougerie
intended for the proceedings of the second congress of the french mathematical society (Lille, June 2018) (2019)

Malo Tarpin, Léonie Canet, Carlo Pagani, Nicolas Wschebor
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 52, 085501 (2019)

Circuit theory for electrical transport through nanopores: Effect of DNA base pair dipoles
Siu Tat Chui, Timothy Ziman
Journal of Applied Physics 125, 074902 (2019)

A formally exact one-frequency-only Bethe-Salpeter equation. Similarities and differences between GW +BSE and self-consistent RPA
Valerio Olevano, J. Toulouse, Peter Schuck
Journal of Chemical Physics, 084112 (2019)

Bart A. van Tiggelen, Martina Knoop, Agnes Henri, Jean Daillant
Les Reflets de la Physique 61 , 48-51 (2019)

Peut-on faire mieux que le « Peer Review » ?
Martina Knoop, Agnes Henri, Jean Daillant, Bart A. van Tiggelen
Les Reflets de la Physique (2019)

Tommaso Comparin, R. Bombin, Markus Holzmann, F. Mazzanti, J. Boronat, Stafano Giorgini
Physical Review A 99, 043609 (2019)

Sergey E. Skipetrov, Igor M. Sokolov
Physical Review B 99, 134201 (2019)

Orbital-dependent backflow wave functions for real-space quantum Monte Carlo
Markus Holzmann, S. Moroni
Physical Review B 99 (085121) (2019)

Medium polarisation effects in 3SD1 spin triplet pairing
Wenmei Guo, U. Lombardo, Peter Schuck
Physical Review C 99, 014310 (2019)

S. Dang, R. Anankine, C. Gomez, A. Lemaitre, Markus Holzmann, F. Dubin
Physical Review Letters 122, 117402 (2019)

Piero Naldesi, Juan Polo Gomez, Anna Minguzzi, Boris Malomed, Maxim Olshanii, Luigi Amico
Physical Review Letters 122, 053001 (2019)

Quantum thermodynamics of nanoscale thermoelectrics and electronic devices
Robert S. Whitney, Rafael Sanchez, J. Splettstoesser
review prepared as a chapter for the book (2019)

Comparing many-body approaches against the real helium atom exact solution
Jing Li, N. D. Drummond, Peter Schuck, Valerio Olevano
submitted (2019)

Traces of integrability in scattering of one-dimensional dimers on a barrier
Juan Polo Gomez, Anna Minguzzi, Maxim Olshanii
submitted (2019)

On the stability of 2D dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates
Arnaud Eychenne, Nicolas Rougerie
submitted (2019)

Nonclassical states in strongly correlated bosonic ring ladders
Nicolas Victorin, T. Haug, Leong-Chuan Kwek, Luigi Amico, Anna Minguzzi
submitted (2019)

A non-equilibrium system as a demon
Rafael Sanchez, J. Splettstoesser, Robert S. Whitney
submitted (2019)

Signature of the transition to a bound state in thermoelectric quantum transport
Etienne Jussiau, Masahiro Hasegawa, Robert S. Whitney
submitted (2019)

Probing and manipulating valley coherence of dark excitons in monolayer WSe2
M. R. Molas, A. O. Slobodeniuk, T. Kazimierczuk, K. Nogajewski, M. Bartos, P. Kapuściński, K. Oreszczuk, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, C. Faugeras, P. Kossacki, D. M. Basko, M. Potemski
submitted (2019)

Angular momentum fractionalization: the quantum advantage of entangled bosons
Piero Naldesi, Juan Polo Gomez, Vanja Dunjko, Hélène Perrin, Maxim Olshanii, Luigi Amico, Anna Minguzzi
submitted (2019)

Vortex patterns in the almost-bosonic anyon gas
M. Correggi, R. Duboscq, D. Lundholm, Nicolas Rougerie
submitted (2019)

Oscillations and decay of superfluid currents in a one-dimensional Bose gas on a ring
Juan Polo Gomez, Romain Dubessy, Paolo Pedri, Hélène Perrin, Anna Minguzzi
submitted (2019)

Almost topological fractional charge pumping in a non-interacting quantum dot
Masahiro Hasegawa, Etienne Jussiau, Robert S. Whitney
submitted (2019)

Transport of light through a dense ensemble of cold atoms in a static electric field
Sergey E. Skipetrov, Igor M. Sokolov
submitted (2019)

Landau quantization breakdown in a 4D phase space formulation of electron motion
Thierry Champel, Serge Florens
To be published in EPJ B (2019)

The density of states approach to the sign problem
Biagio Lucini, Olmo Francesconi, Markus Holzmann, Antonio Rago
XIIIth Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum 2018 Conference proceedings (2019)