Dernières publications

Exact solution for SU(2)-symmetry breaking bosonic mixtures at strong interactions
G. Aupetit-Diallo, Giovanni Pecci, C. Pignol, F. Hébert, Anna Minguzzi, M. Albert, Patrizia Vignolo
submitted (2022)

Guillaume Manzanares, Thierry Champel, Denis M. Basko, Pierre Nataf
Physical Review B 105, 245304 (2022)

Observation of Universal Hall Response in Strongly Interacting Fermions
T.-W. Zhou, G. Cappellini, D. Tusi, L. Franchi, J. Parravicini, Cécile Repellin, S. Greschner, M. Inguscio, Thierry Giamarchi, Michele Filippone, J. Catani, L. Fallani
submitted (2022)

Signature of resonant modes in radiative heat current noise spectrum
Jonathan L. Wise, N. Roubinowitz, Wolfgang Belzig, Denis M. Basko
submitted (2022)

Thermal bistability in local microwave heating of a superconductor
D. B. Karki, Robert S. Whitney, Denis M. Basko
submitted (2022)

QED corrections to the Abraham force and Aharonov-Casher force in Rydberg atoms
Romuald Le Fournis, Bart A. van Tiggelen
Publié dans (2022)

A. Coissard, D. Wander, H. Vignaud, A. G. Grushin, Cécile Repellin, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, F. Gay, C. Winkelmann, Hervé Courtois, H. Sellier, B. Sacépé
Nature 605, 51--56 (2022)

Many-body approach to superfluid nuclei in axial geometry
Y. Zhang, A. Bjelčić, T. Nikšić, Elena Litvinova, P. Ring, Peter Schuck
submitted (2022)

Generic size dependences of pairing in ultrasmall systems: electronic nano-devices and atomic nuclei
A. Pastore, Peter Schuck, X. Vinas
submitted (2022)