Publications 2023

Publications 2023

A randomized measurement toolbox for Rydberg quantum technologies
S. Notarnicola, A. Elben, T. Lahaye, A. Browaeys, S. Montangero, Benoît Vermersch
submitted (2023)

Massive particle interferometry with lattice solitons: robustness against ionization
Piero Naldesi, P. D. Drummond, Vanja Dunjko, Anna Minguzzi, Maxim Olshanii
submitted (2023)

Anderson localization of electromagnetic waves in three dimensions
Alexey Yamilov, Sergey E. Skipetrov, T.W. Hughes, M. Minkov, Z. Yu, H. Cao
submitted (2023)

Fermionic correlation functions from randomized measurements in programmable atomic quantum devices
Piero Naldesi, A. Elben, Anna Minguzzi, D. Clément, Peter Zoller, Benoît Vermersch
submitted (2023)

Many-body approach to superfluid nuclei in axial geometry
Y. Zhang, A. Bjelčić, T. Nikšić, Elena Litvinova, P. Ring, Peter Schuck
submitted (2023)

Generic size dependences of pairing in ultrasmall systems: electronic nano-devices and atomic nuclei
A. Pastore, Peter Schuck, X. Vinas
submitted (2023)

Observation of Universal Hall Response in Strongly Interacting Fermions
T.-W. Zhou, G. Cappellini, D. Tusi, L. Franchi, J. Parravicini, Cécile Repellin, S. Greschner, M. Inguscio, Thierry Giamarchi, Michele Filippone, J. Catani, L. Fallani
submitted (2023)

Functional renormalisation group approach to shell models of turbulence
Côme Fontaine, Malo Tarpin, Freddy Bouchet, Léonie Canet
submitted (2023)

Measuring the finite-frequency response of a bosonic quantum impurity
S. Leger, T. Sepulcre, D. Fraudet, Olivier Buisson, Cécile Naud, W. Hasch-Guichard, Serge Florens, I. Snyman, Denis M. Basko, N. Roch
submitted (2023)

Stable solid molecular hydrogen above 900K from a machine-learned potential trained with diffusion Quantum Monte Carlo
H. Niu, Y. Yang, S. Jensen, Markus Holzmann, Carlo Pierleoni, David M. Ceperley
submitted (2023)

Entanglement barrier and its symmetry resolution: theory and experiment
Aniket Rath, V. Vitale, S. Murciano, Matteo Votto, J. Dubail, R. Kueng, C. Branciard, P. Calabrese, Benoît Vermersch
submitted (2023)

Persistent currents in a strongly interacting multicomponent Bose gas on a ring
Giovanni Pecci, G. Aupetit-Diallo, M. Albert, Patrizia Vignolo, Anna Minguzzi
submitted (2023)

Absence of edge reconstruction for quantum Hall edge channels in graphene devices
A. Coissard, A. G. Grushin, Cécile Repellin, Louis Veyrat, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, F. Gay, Hervé Courtois, H. Sellier, B. Sacépé
submitted (2023)

Amorphous and polycrystalline routes towards a chiral spin liquid
A. G. Grushin, Cécile Repellin
submitted (2023)

Realization of a fractional quantum Hall state with ultracold atoms
J. Léonard, S. Kim, J. Kwan, P. Segura, F. Grusdt, Cécile Repellin, N. Goldman, Markus Greiner
submitted (2023)

Entanglement phase diagrams from partial transpose moments
J. Carrasco, Matteo Votto, V. Vitale, C. Kokail, A. Neven, Peter Zoller, Benoît Vermersch, B. Kraus
submitted (2023)

Adiabatic preparation of fractional Chern insulators from an effective thin-torus limit
B. Michen, Cécile Repellin, J. C. Budich
submitted (2023)

Photonic topological Anderson insulator in a two-dimensional atomic lattice
Sergey E. Skipetrov, Pierre Wulles
submitted to Comptes Rendus Physique (2023)

Optimizing resource efficiencies for scalable full-stack quantum computers
Marco Fellous-Asiani, Jing Hao Chai, Yvain Thonnart, Hui Khoon Ng, Robert S. Whitney, Alexia Auffèves
unpublished (2023)

Thermodynamic performance of hot-carrier solar cells: A quantum transport model
Ludovico Tesser, Robert S. Whitney, Janine Splettstoesser
unpublished (2023)