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Publications 2010

Publications 2010 Graphene Mode-Locked Ultrafast Laser N. Sun, T. Hasan, F. Torrisi, D. Popa, G. (...)

Thèses, Habilitations et Rapports de Stages M2

Cette page propose les versions électroniques des mémoires de thèse et d’habilitation à diriger des recherches, ainsi que de quelques rapports de (...)

Publications 2009

Publications 2009 Thermodynamic and ab initio investigation of the Cu-Dy system M. Palumbo, L. Battezzati, (...)

Publications 2008

Publications 2008 Spectroscopic analysis of finite size effects around a Kondo quantum dot Pascal Simon, (...)

Publications 2000

Publications 2000 Kondo effect in quantum dots Leonid I. Glazman, Frank W. J. Hekking, Anatoly I. Larkin in (...)

Publications 2001

Publications 2001 Correlated transport at multiple superconductor-ferromagnet interfaces Denis Feinberg, Guy Deutscher, (...)

Publications 2002

Publications 2002 Qualitative features of intra-molecular dynamics. What can be learned from symmetry and topology? (...)

Publications 2003

Publications 2003 Influence of thermal fluctuations on an underdamped Josephson tunnel junction Igor S. Beloborodov, (...)

Publications 2004

Publications 2004 Light propagation in a magnetic field: Random green matrix approach Felipe A. Pinheiro, M. Rusek, A. (...)

Publications 2005

Publications 2005 Measurements of human motor and visual activities with di using-wave spectroscopy Jun Li, Gregor (...)

Publications 2006

Publications 2006 Specific heat measurements of mesoscopic loops Olivier Bourgeois, Florian R. Ong, Sergey E. (...)

Publications 2007

Publications 2007 Self-consistent treatment of anderson localization. An attempt to engineer with scaling theory Bart A. (...)