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Publications 2024

Publications 2024 Physics for understanding life Bart A. van Tiggelen in EPS Grand Challenges, p. 4-99,Series (…)

Publications 2023

Publications 2023 Numerical Simulation of Radiative Transfer of Electromagnetic Angular Momentum Bart A. van (…)

Publications 2022

Publications 2022 Exchange-split multiple Rydberg series of excitons in anisotropic quasi two-dimensional ReS_2 (…)

Publications 2021

Publications 2021 Anisotropy of localized states in an anisotropic disordered medium Antton Goicoechea, (…)

Publications 2020

Publications 2020 Photoluminescence of graphene quantum dots: the role of chiral symmetry Denis M. Basko, (…)

Publications 2019

Publications 2019 Vortex patterns in the almost-bosonic anyon gas M. Correggi, R. Duboscq, D. Lundholm, (…)

Publications 2018

Publications 2018 Local incompressibility estimates for the Laughlin phase Elliott H. Lieb, Nicolas (…)

Publications 2017

Publications 2017 From Ill-Condensed Matter to Mesoscopic Wave Propagation Bart A. van Tiggelen, Sergey E. Skipetrov, (…)

Publications 2016

Publications 2016 Multiple magneto-phonon resonances in graphene Denis M. Basko, P. Leszczynski, C. (…)

Publications 2015

Publications 2015 Remarks on the quantum de Finetti theorem for bosonic systems Mathieu Lewin, Phan-Thanh (…)

Publications 2014

Publications 2014 Derivation of Hartree's theory for generic mean-field Bose systems Mathieu Lewin, (…)

Publications 2013

Publications 2013 New Concept in Clusterings and Alpha-Particle Condensates Y. Funaki, H. Horiuchi, Z.Z. (…)