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Fabio Pistolesi

Fabio Pistolesi Home Page

Directeur de Recherche
tel. +33 476 887496 fax +33 476 887983
Current Research Interests Nanoelectromechanics Current fluctuations in mesoscopic and nanoscopic systems
Superfluidity and superconductivity
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Selected Publications

Selected Papers of Fabio PISTOLESI
Cooling a Vibrational Mode Coupled to a Molecular Single-Electron Transistor
F. Pistolesi
Jour. Low Temp. Phys. 154 199 (2009),PDF
Self-Consistent Theory of Molecular Switching
F. Pistolesi, Y.A. Blanter, and I. Martin
Phys. Rev. B 79 085127 (2008),PDF
Current blockade in classical single-electron nanomechanical resonator
F. Pistolesi and S. Labarthe
Phys. Rev. B 76 165317 (2007), cond-mat, PDF
Frequency dispersion of (...)

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Short Vitae F. Pistolesi

Short Curriculum Vitae of Fabio PISTOLESI Study of Physics at Scuola Normale Superiore and University of Pisa (1987-1992).
PhD in Physics, Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa (1993-95). Postdoctoral associate University of Camerino in G.C. Strinati’s group (1996). Scientist at Institut Laue-Langevin in Ph. Nozières’s group (1997-2000). Scientist at European Sinchrotron (...)

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Selection of Presentations of Fabio PISTOLESI
Superharmonic Josephson relation at 0/pi junction transition
The charge shuttle as a nanomechanical ratchet
Full counting statistics of charge shuttle
Lectures for the 5th Scenet School in Salamanca (Spain) 30th August - 10th September 2004
Phenomenological aspects of Superconductivity
PDF files : First Part (3Mb), Second Part (3Mb), Appendix (1Mb)
Energy dependence of current noise in S/N diffusive junctions
HighRes PDF file (...)

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Lectures at the PhD Program of the University of Milan
Introduction to transport in Nano Electro Mechanical Systems
Milan, Spring 2009
Lectures at École doctorale de Physique of the Université de Grenoble :
Fonctions de Green pour la Matière Condensée
Maison des Magistères, Spring 2009
Lectures at the Master 2 recherche
École Normale Superiéure de Lyon (avec D. Feinberg) :
Théorie Quantique : de la Matière Condensée aux Nanosciences
Autumn (...)

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