Bart van Tiggelen

Bart’s Publications 2015

Publications 2015 Transfer of linear momentum from the quantum vacuum to a magnetochiral molecule Manuel (...)

Bart’s Publications 2014

Publications 2014 A single-oscillator quantum model for magnetochiral birefringence Manuel Donaire, Geert (...)


Recent Organisation of Scientific events 50 years of Anderson Localization, IHP Paris, december 2008, organsized with Ad Lagendijk and (...)

Matinée de Réflexion sur Open Access Gold

Un enjeu majeur pour les publications en Physique ? Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris le jeudi 19 janvier 2012 de 9h00 à 13h00

In the News

B.A. van Tiggelen, A. Lagendijk en A. Tip, Analogie in Diffusie van Licht en Electronen ?, Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde 1994/12, 183. (...)


B.A. van Tiggelen and A. Lagendijk, The Speed of Diffusing Light : Rigorous Solutions, in : Photonic Bandgaps and Localization (Plenum New (...)


Anderson Localization of Waves Les Houches NATO 1998 Mesoscopic Wave Diffusion in Cold Atomic Gazes (...)

My Precious Collaborators

Equipe Ondes en Milieu Complexe, LPMMC Grenoble : Sergey Skipetrov, Vincent Rossetto, Anna Miguzzi, Roger Maynard Equipe Ondes et Structure (...)


2003 -2008 Director of CNRS Research Group IMCODE > 2007 Director of LPMMC (CNRS/Université de Grenoble) (...)


Poster Time reversal and Passive Imaging , Workshop on Acoustic and Seismic Imaging, Cargèse, September 2003. Poster Synthesis of Green (...)


1988 Master thesis in Astrophysics (with highest honor) at University of Leiden (the Netherlands). Thesis : Entropy in Elliptical (...)

Photo gallery

Florence, 1990, with thesis supervisors Ad Lagendijk and Adriaan Tip Amsterdam, september 1992, thesis defence,with Henk van de Hulst and Ad (...)

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