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Bart van Tiggelen

Bart’s Publications 2014

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Supervised theses

Anne Heiderich, Diffusion Multiple en Milieu Nonlinéaire ou Anisotrope, November 1997, Université Jospeh Fourier. Supervisor : Roger Maynard ; Co-supervisor Bart van Tiggelen Ludovic Margerin, Diffusion Multiple des Ondes Sismiques dans la Lithosphère, December 1998, Université Jospeh Fourier. Supervisor : Michel Campillo ; co-supervisor Bart van Tiggelen David Lacoste, Diffusion de la Lumière dans les Milieux Magnéto-optiques ou Chiraux, November 1999, Université Jospeh Fourier. (...)

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1988 Master thesis in Astrophysics (with highest honor) at University of Leiden (the Netherlands). Thesis : Entropy in Elliptical Galaxies,supervised by Vincent Icke.
1992 Ph.D. Thesis in Physics and Astrophysics (with highest honor) at University of Amsterdam and FOM (the Netherlands). Thesis : Multiple Scattering and Localization of Light, supervised by Ad Lagendijk and Adriaan Tip,
1994 Andries Miedema Prize of Fundamental Research on Matter, for best Dutch (...)

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Photo gallery

Florence, 1990, with thesis supervisors Ad Lagendijk and Adriaan Tip
Amsterdam, september 1992, thesis defence,with Henk van de Hulst and Ad Lagendijk. "Nice thesis Bart, but the sine on page 11 had to be a cosine though" .
Lake District (UK), 1993, with Ping Sheng and his student.
Amsterdam, Shell laboratories, 1994, with my wife and Hans Chang, director of FOM. Andries Miedema Prize 1994 for best thesis in condensed matter.
NATO School in Les Houches 1998, organized by GDR (...)

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Poster Time reversal and Passive Imaging , Workshop on Acoustic and Seismic Imaging, Cargèse, September 2003. Poster Synthesis of Green functions from Coda Correlations, AGU Workshop, San Francisco 2004. Mesoscopic Physics with Seismic Waves, Urbana-Champaign USA and University of Manitoba, Canada, January 2004. Momentum of Quantum Vacuum, European Space Agency, Noordwijk, February 2005. Dynamic Correlations, Interference and Speckle, 2nd Workshop on Quantum Chaos and (...)

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2003 -2008
Director of CNRS Research Group IMCODE
> 2007
Director of LPMMC (CNRS/Université de Grenoble)
> 2009
Deputy Director of Institut des Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse (Université de Corse, CNRS, Université de Nice- Sophia-Antipolis)
Editor of Waves in Random and Complex Media
> 2012
Co-Editor of EPL
> 2010
President of Publication Committee of French Physical Society
Publish in (...)

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My Precious Collaborators

Equipe Ondes en Milieu Complexe, LPMMC Grenoble : Sergey Skipetrov, Vincent Rossetto, Anna Miguzzi, Roger Maynard Equipe Ondes et Structure Interne du Globe, Laboratoire de Géophysique et Tectonophysique Interne (Grenoble) : Michel Campillo, Eric Larose, Philippe Roux, Ludovic Margerin Optics and Microwaves, Physics Department, City University of New York, USA : Azriel Genack. Photonic Scattering, AMOLF Amsterdam : Ad Lagendijk
Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques (...)

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Anderson Localization of Waves Les Houches NATO 1998 Mesoscopic Wave Diffusion in Cold Atomic Gazes Les Houches NATO 1999 Mésoscopie et décohérence des Photons Les Houches prédoctorale 2001 Ondes et Acoustique
Master 2 ENS Lyon > 2004
Anderson localization of Light and Ultrasound
first two lectures (10 Mb)
second two lectures (8 Mb) (...)

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In the News

B.A. van Tiggelen, A. Lagendijk en A. Tip, Analogie in Diffusie van Licht en Electronen ?, Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde 1994/12, 183. Geert Rikken, Anja Sparenberg and Bart van Tiggelen, Der Photonen Hall Effect, Phys. Bl. 53(2), 133 (1997). B.A. van Tiggelen, et G.L.J.A. Rikken, Première Mise en Evidence d’une Analogie du Comportement de Photons et de Particules Chargées, CNRS INFO 324, 6 (1996). A photon Hall effect and a photon magneto-resistance, AIP news Update, (...)

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B.A. van Tiggelen and A. Lagendijk, The Speed of Diffusing Light : Rigorous Solutions, in : Photonic Bandgaps and Localization (Plenum New York 1993), edited by C.M. Soukoulis. B.A. van Tiggelen and A. Lagendijk, Recurrent Scattering between Dielectric Spheres, in : OSA Proceedings in Optical Imaging and Photon Migration,(OSA, Washington DC, 1993), Vol. 21 , pp 29-33. R. Sprik, A. Lagendijk and B.A. van Tiggelen, Photonic Bandstructures of Atomic Lattices, in : Photonic (...)

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Matinée de Réflexion sur Open Access Gold

... un enjeu majeur pour les publications scientifiques ?

Un enjeu majeur pour les publications en Physique ?

Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris
le jeudi 19 janvier 2012 de 9h00 à 13h00

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Recent Organisation of Scientific events
50 years of Anderson Localization, IHP Paris, december 2008, organsized with Ad Lagendijk and Diederik Wiersma (funded by CNRS, EC, NWO) Mesoscopic Wave Scattering in Complex Media, Cargèse, June 2010, organized with Sergey Skipetrov, Hans-Jürgen Stöckmann (funded by CNRS/DFG) Workshop on Casimir Phenomena, Grenoble, 15 october 2010, organized with Geert Rikken (funded by ANR and CTPG) (...)

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Bart’s Publications 2015

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