Bart’s Publications 1994

Publications 1994 Resonant Recurrent Scattering Between Dielectric Spheres █ Bart A. van Tiggelen, Ad Lagendijk (...)

Bart’s Publications 1995

Publications 1995 Self-consistent Theory for the Enhancement Factor in Coherent Backscattering Bart A. van Tiggelen, (...)

Bart’s Publications 1996

Publications 1996 Numerical and Experimental Study of Disordered Multilayers for Broad-band X-Ray Reflection P. van (...)

Bart’s Publications 1997

Publications 1997 Multiple Light Scattering in Ordered Nematic Liquid Crystals A. Heiderich, Roger Maynard, (...)

Bart’s Publications 1998

Publications 1998 Radiative Transfer and Diffusion of Waves in a Layered Medium: A New Insight into Coda Q Ludovic (...)

Bart’s Publications 2000

Publications 2000 Monte-Carlo Simulation of Multiple Scattering of Elastic Waves Ludovic Margerin, Michel (...)

Bart’s Publications 1999

Publications 1999 Transport Mean free Path for Magneto-transverse Light Diffusion David Lacoste, Bart A. van (...)

Bart’s Publications 2001

Publications 2001 Effect of absorption on energy partition of elastic waves in the seismic coda Ludovic (...)

Bart’s Publications 2002

Publications 2002 Quasi-two-dimensional transfer of elastic waves Nicolas P. Tregoures, Bart A. van Tiggelen (...)

Bart’s Publications 2003

Publications 2003 Light transport in chiral and magnetochiral random media Felipe A. Pinheiro, Bart A. van Tiggelen (...)

Bart’s Publications 2004

Publications 2004 Light propagation in a magnetic field: Random green matrix approach Felipe A. Pinheiro, M. Rusek, A. (...)

Bart’s Publications 2005

Publications 2005 Light induced dynamic magnetochiral anisotropy Geert L. J. A. Rikken, Bart A. van (...)