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 I am currently doing a PhD (third year) under the supervision of Bart Van Tiggelen (LPMMC) and Ludovic Margerin (LGIT, CEREGE). My research concerns waves propagation in disordered media and in particular the phase behaviour. We study both the theory and the applications to seismic wave propagation in the earth’s crust, acoustics and microwaves. (Web Page of the group)

 Picture of phase in a random wave-guide :

 Current acoustical experiments : scattering of flexural waves in a plexiglas plate ;
  Collaboration with Eric Larose and Philippe Roux (LGIT, Grenoble)

 Work on seismic data from a temporary array at Pinon Flat Observatory (blue bubble on the map) in California, located between San Andreas fault and San Jacinto fault, collaboration with Ludovic Margerin (CEREGE, Aix en Provence).

 (Google maps) 

Collaboration with John Page (Univ. Manitoba).


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PhD thesis

Oral communications

 Congrès général de la société française de physique, July 2007 (pdf)
 Nice’s days, June 2007




Poster presentations

Young Scientist Prize for the best poster, at Congrès général de la société française de physique, Grenoble, 9-13 July 2007 (pdf)

Poster presentation at Journées de la matière condensée (JMC10), Toulouse, september 2006 (pdf).  
Poster presentation at the Summer school of Imaging, Communication, and Disorder (IMCODE), Cargèse, june 2006 (pdf).  


 I am a teaching assistant at Université Joseph Fourier :

lectures : first introduction to modern physics : quantum mecanics and relativity
practical work : electronic


Short CV

  2001-2005 : Student at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon in Physics.
  2004 : Agrégation de Physique (Teaching competitive exam).
  2005 : Master thesis at LPMMC (pdf)